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clibcni is a library used by iSulad to configure network interfaces in containers, following the specification of CNI (Container Network Interface), a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.
3 days ago v2.0.2 updated on May 26
本项目致力于在异构云平台之间,实现 SGX Enclave的实时跨云迁移。由于SGX相对较新,并不是所有云服务器都具备该功能。当用户在异构(支持SGX与不支持SGX)的云平台之间进行热迁移时,就需要用到本项目的技术。同时,本项目在迁移过程中也能保证数据的机密性与完整性。
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Libvirt provides a portable, long term stable C API for managing the virtualization technologies provided by many operating systems.
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