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CBoard is not only a analysis platform that supports interactive multi-dimensional report design and data analysis for user, but also a BI product development platform for developer. Powered by Shanhai Chuguo Information and Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Normal User can analysis your data or design a report by simple drag and drop operation
  • Developer can extend any type of your data datasource that you can connect by Java program

Who is using CBoard

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Light weight architecture, common technology stack, self designed multi-dimension engine, clear optimization rule, small application running on your big data stack!


  • Simple and beautiful interface and layout
  • Interactive, drag-and-drop OLAP classisc report development experience
  • One dataset, multiple report widgets. Maximize reuse query result
  • Cube level data refresh / realtime chart for quick query
  • Role Based Access Control
  • More than 20 chart types and dashboard insight or email report
  • Multiple types data source connection
    • Support JDBC data connection (Almost all kinds database that has implemented JDBC protocal)
    • Support Native Elasticsearch connection for version 1.x, 2.x, 5.x
    • Support Native Kylin connection for version 1.6
  • Lightweight architecture and concise source code, the entire project does not rely on any third-party multi-dimensional analysis tools, if you are struggling in Mondrain, CBoard could be a nice alternative for you.
  • Easy to implement your own DataProvider to connect any data source. Even for expensive commercial BI suite, it's not possible to connect all the NOSQL and NewSQL data source in the era of big data. Due to the schema of NOSQL are various, such as hash tables, arrays, trees, maps, etc., different people using the same NoSQL products designed Schema may vary widely. The user who most familiar with their storage schema are the user themselves. And it's easy to find a Java programmers to code a Class to connect their own data source. So we leave this part of work to the end user with an easy extended data connection framework in CBoard

More enterprise features please access our homepage: 上海楚果信息技术有限公司


If you like our product, you can start from our community version. With the support of commercialization of products, we will do our best to maintain the stability of the community version. In future, without affecting the company's business, it will gradually open more basic development infrastructure. Any bugs or question please feel free to post at GithubIssue system


我们正在寻找在相关领域有技术有热情的前端开发小伙伴, 与产品销售小伙伴, 如果您看好公司发展前景, 请将您的简历发送到:, 如果你足够优秀有机会成为我们技术合伙人哦! 职位链接

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