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zanglei authored 2018-12-31 15:12 . MOD: update common config

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DDMQ Docker

DDMQ is not easy to deploy in cluster mode since it has multiple modules. So we provide this docker image that makes running standalone DDMQ very easy.

Image Content

  • standalone Zookeeper(Version 3.4.10)
  • tomcat 9 and console
  • rocketmq(one namesvr、one master broker)
  • standalone consumer-proxy
  • standalone producer-proxy
  • standalone chronos

Note:DDMQ Container requires a MySQL 5.7 container.


  • Install Docker

  • Install MySQL Client(recommend 5.7.x)

  • run to build packages

  • run (will download centos7,mysql,tomcat,zookeeper in first run)

  • Visit DDMQ Web Console


    Note:producer-proxy port: 9613、consumer-proxy port: 9713

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