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Coding WebIDE Backend

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This repo is the backend of Coding WebIDE Community Edition

Dev Environment

The backend is written in Java, and uses Maven as build tool. We recommend IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse as IDE.


Everything in /src/main/resources/, including user info, project and database configs, etc.


config: Config classes
dto: dto classes
entity: Entity classes
event: Event-related classes
git: Classes that extend jgit class
model: Data model/structure
repository: Repository class, for database query purpose
service: Service classes
tty: A Java implementation of terminal
utils: Utils classes
web: Web-related classes, controllers etc.

Run the project

The backend first packs the frontend to webjar, and import as a maven dependency, thus packing the frontend is required before run.

Please refer to the script in WebIDE-Workspace repo, which provides a command to compile and run the whole project.

If you want to pack the frontend manually, please refer to WebIDE-Frontend-Webjars repo.

Once done packing, start the poject with mvn spring-boot:run.

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