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GuiLite - The smallest GUI library

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GuiLite is the smallest GUI library with 5000 lines of code, could run on all platforms(e.g, iOS/macOS/WathOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Docker and MCU without OS), and work with many languages(e.g. Swift, Java, Javascript, C#, Golang).

  • ✂️Small: 5,000 lines of C++ code, could be merged into 1 header & 1 source file(GuiLite.h/GuiLite.cpp) - Easy to build & port
  • ⚡Fast: Render GUI within one invoking, independent of any OS and any third party library - Make GUI run quickly and smoothly
  • 💉Inject: Run inside Qt/MFC/Winform/Cocoa/Web - Keep Qt/MFC code reusable, and speed it up by local GuiLite-optimization
  • ⚙️️Hardware Minimum Requirment:
Processor Disk/ROM space Memory
24 MHZ 29 KB 9 KB

🔥New feature:Apple Watch

Run GuiLite both on MCU and Apple Watch:

MCU Apple Watch
Hello3D iWatch.hello3D
MCU iWatch.helloWave


⚔️Cross platform

ARM Linux STM32 Without OS
Windows Mixed Reality Android
Win MR Android
macOS iOS & Aplle Watch
macOS iOS.hostMonitor iOS.particle iWatch.helloWave

🔍GuiLite previewer(WYSIWYG extension for GuiLite)

GuiLite Previewer is a Visual Studio Code extension, could extract GUI information from C++ code and preview GUI at preview page(What you see is what you get) GuiLitePreviewer

😎Gorgeous UI




🌐IoT Solution & 📊Code Telemetry

  • Report build activities to cloud:
  • Sync running data to cloud:
  • ⚠️To stop telemetry, remove script files(e,g: sync_build.bat

🐋Support Docker

We build GuiLite demo as docker image, you can update/deploy/run the latest GuiLite demo on your device with single command below:

  • sudo docker run -it --privileged -v /dev:/dev-share idea4good/gui-lite:latest bash /


🚀Quick Launch

GuiLite is only a framework, could not create UI by itself. In order to show how to build UI App with it, We provide some samples for you.

  • Sample code here
  • Sample introduction:
Sample name Platform Description Build guidance Diffculty level
HelloParticle Windows, Linux, STM32F103, STM32F429 Show how to develop particle effect Build
HelloStar Windows, Linux, STM32F103, STM32F429 Show how to develop star field effect Build
Hello3D Windows, Linux, STM32F103 Lightweight(MCU level) 3D engine base on GuiLite Build ★★
HelloNets Windows, Linux, STM32F103 Show how to build physics App with GuiLite Build ★★
HelloGuiLite Windows, Linux Show how to Initialize UI, load resource, layout UI Build ★★
HelloWidgets Windows, Linux Show how to use GuiLite widgets Build ★★
HelloMario Windows, Linux, STM32F103, STM32F429 Show how to develop multi-layer UI system Build ★★
HelloNavigation Windows, Linux, STM32F103, STM32F429 Show how to navigate/click widgets by hard button in non-touch GUI scenario Build ★★
HelloFont Windows, Linux Show how to use multi-language feature(UTF-8) Build ★★
HelloAnimation Windows, Linux Show how to make animation Build ★★
HelloSlide Windows, Linux Show how to use sliding pages Build ★★★
HelloWave Windows, Linux, STM32F103, STM32F429 Show how to use wave widget Build ★★★
HostMonitor iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Linux Show how to build complex UI for all platforms Build ★★★★


GuiLite is the smallest and simplest GUI library.

  1. Just 5,000 line C++ code
  2. Only use basic C++ feature(class, virtual function), no complex syntax
  3. All rendering base on draw_pixel, no algorithm
  4. Full documents and small live demos for reference

📈How to learn?

  1. Build/Run GuiLite library
  2. Build/Run HelloXXX demos
  3. Read/Modify HelloXXX/UIcode/UIcode.cpp code
  4. Read/Modify gui code
  5. Read/Modify core code
  6. Build your UI framework


Mirror repository

Gitee in China

📞Community Channel

Thanks for the help from community, you guys make GuiLite better! And welcome new friend to join us.

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