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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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Lu Wang authored 2015-04-07 16:23 . initial
This is a listing of all files in a full NetHack 3.4 distribution, organized
in their standard manner on a UNIX system. It indicates which files are
necessary for which versions, so that you can tell which files may be deleted
from or not transferred to your system if you wish.
(files in top directory)
Files Porting README
(files for all versions)
Arch.des Barb.des Caveman.des Healer.des Knight.des
Monk.des Priest.des Ranger.des Rogue.des Samurai.des
Tourist.des Valkyrie.des Wizard.des bigroom.des castle.des
cmdhelp data.base dungeon.def endgame.des gehennom.des
help hh history knox.des license
medusa.des mines.des opthelp oracle.des oracles.txt
quest.txt rumors.fal rumors.tru sokoban.des tower.des
wizhelp yendor.des
(files for all versions) Guidebook.tex Guidebook.txt dgn_comp.6 dgn_comp.txt
dlb.6 dlb.txt fixes22.0 fixes30.0 fixes31.1
fixes31.2 fixes31.3 fixes32.0 fixes32.1 fixes32.2
fixes32.3 fixes33.0 fixes33.1 fixes34.0 fixes34.1
fixes34.2 fixes34.3 lev_comp.6 lev_comp.txt nethack.6
nethack.txt recover.6 recover.txt tmac.n window.doc
(files for all versions)
align.h amiconf.h artifact.h artilist.h attrib.h
beconf.h color.h config.h config1.h coord.h
decl.h def_os2.h dgn_file.h display.h dlb.h
dungeon.h edog.h emin.h engrave.h epri.h
eshk.h extern.h flag.h func_tab.h global.h
hack.h lev.h mail.h mfndpos.h micro.h
mkroom.h monattk.h mondata.h monflag.h monst.h
monsym.h nhlan.h ntconf.h obj.h objclass.h
os2conf.h patchlevel.h pcconf.h permonst.h prop.h
qtext.h quest.h rect.h region.h rm.h
skills.h sp_lev.h spell.h system.h tcap.h
timeout.h tosconf.h tradstdc.h trampoli.h trap.h
unixconf.h vault.h vision.h vmsconf.h wceconf.h
winami.h winprocs.h wintype.h you.h youprop.h
(file for tty versions)
(files for X versions)
tile2x11.h winX.h xwindow.h xwindowp.h
(files for Qt versions)
qt_clust.h qt_kde0.h qt_win.h qt_xpms.h qttableview.h
(files for Gem versions)
bitmfile.h gem_rsc.h load_img.h wingem.h
(file for GNOME versions)
(files for various Macintosh versions)
mac-carbon.h mac-qt.h mac-term.h macconf.h macpopup.h
mactty.h macwin.h mttypriv.h
(files for all versions)
allmain.c alloc.c apply.c artifact.c attrib.c
ball.c bones.c botl.c cmd.c dbridge.c
decl.c detect.c dig.c display.c dlb.c
do.c do_name.c do_wear.c dog.c dogmove.c
dokick.c dothrow.c drawing.c dungeon.c eat.c
end.c engrave.c exper.c explode.c extralev.c
files.c fountain.c hack.c hacklib.c invent.c
light.c lock.c mail.c makemon.c mapglyph.c
mcastu.c mhitm.c mhitu.c minion.c mklev.c
mkmap.c mkmaze.c mkobj.c mkroom.c mon.c
mondata.c monmove.c monst.c mplayer.c mthrowu.c
muse.c music.c o_init.c objects.c objnam.c
options.c pager.c pickup.c pline.c polyself.c
potion.c pray.c priest.c quest.c questpgr.c
read.c rect.c region.c restore.c rip.c
rnd.c role.c rumors.c save.c shk.c
shknam.c sit.c sounds.c sp_lev.c spell.c
steal.c steed.c teleport.c timeout.c topten.c
track.c trap.c u_init.c uhitm.c vault.c
version.c vision.c weapon.c were.c wield.c
windows.c wizard.c worm.c worn.c write.c
(files for Amiga versions)
Build.ami Install.ami Makefile.agc Makefile.ami NetHack.cnf
amidos.c amidos.p amifont.uu amifont8.uu amigst.c
amii.hlp amimenu.c amirip.c amisnd.c amistack.c
amitty.c amiwind.c amiwind.p clipwin.c colorwin.c
cvtsnd.c grave16.xpm ifchange mkdmake txt2iff.c
winami.c winami.p winchar.c windefs.h winext.h
winfuncs.c winkey.c winmenu.c winproto.h winreq.c
winstr.c xpm2iff.c
(files for Atari version)
Install.tos atarifnt.uue nethack.mnu setup.g tos.c
(files for BeOS version)
README bemain.c
(files for Macintosh versions)
Files.r MacHelp NHDeflts NHrsrc.hqx
NHsound.hqx News README dprintf.c maccurs.c
macerrs.c macfile.c machelp.hqx macmain.c macmenu.c
macsnd.c mactopl.c mactty.c macunix.c macwin.c
mgetline.c mmodal.c mrecover.c mrecover.hqx mttymain.c
(files for MSDOS version)
Install.dos Makefile.BC Makefile.GCC Makefile.MSC NHAccess.nh
moveinit.pat msdos.c msdoshlp.txt ovlinit.c pckeys.c
pctiles.c pctiles.h pcvideo.h portio.h schema1.BC
schema2.BC schema3.MSC setup.bat sound.c tile2bin.c
video.c vidtxt.c vidvga.c
(files for running MSDOS binary under Windows)
nhico.uu nhpif.uu
(files for OS/2 version)
Install.os2 Makefile.os2 nhpmico.uu os2.c
(files for MSDOS and OS/2 versions)
Makefile.lib termcap.uu
(file for MSDOS, OS/2, NT, Amiga, and Atari versions)
(files for MSDOS, OS/2, NT, and Atari versions)
pcsys.c pcunix.c
(file for MSDOS, OS/2, and Atari versions)
NetHack.cnf pctty.c
(files for UNIX and Be versions)
ioctl.c unixtty.c
(file for NT version)
(Berkeley random number file, which may be included in any version)
(Berkeley uudecode file, which may be used in build process of any version)
(file for VMS version)
(file for MSDOS, OS/2, and VMS versions)
(lex/yacc output for special level and dungeon compilers)
dgn_comp.h dgn_lex.c dgn_yacc.c lev_comp.h lev_lex.c
(files for Amiga and Macintosh versions)
README bell.uu bugle.uu erthdrum.uu firehorn.uu
frsthorn.uu lethdrum.uu mgcflute.uu mgcharp.uu toolhorn.uu
wdnflute.uu wdnharp.uu
(files for UNIX versions)
Install.unx Makefile.dat Makefile.doc Makefile.src
Makefile.utl README.linux depend.awk
unixmain.c unixres.c unixunix.c
(files for replacement cpp, apparently only needed by some UNIX systems)
cpp1.shr cpp2.shr cpp3.shr
(file for sound driver for 386 UNIX)
(files for VMS version)
Install.vms Makefile.dat Makefile.doc Makefile.src
Makefile.utl lev_lex.h oldcrtl.c vmsfiles.c vmsmail.c vmsmain.c
vmsmisc.c vmstty.c vmsunix.c
(files for Windows CE and PocketPC)
Install.ce bootstrp.mak celib.c cesetup.bat cesound.c
defaults.nh keypad.uu menubar.uu mhaskyn.c mhaskyn.h
mhcmd.c mhcmd.h mhcolor.c mhcolor.h mhdlg.c
mhdlg.h mhfont.c mhfont.h mhinput.c mhinput.h
mhmain.c mhmain.h mhmap.c mhmap.h mhmenu.c
mhmenu.h mhmsg.h mhmsgwnd.c mhmsgwnd.h mhrip.c
mhrip.h mhstatus.c mhstatus.h mhtext.c mhtext.h
mhtxtbuf.c mhtxtbuf.h mswproc.c newres.h resource.h
winMS.h winhack.c winhack.rc winhcksp.rc winmain.c
(header files for Windows CE and PocketPC)
assert.h errno.h fcntl.h
(sys/stat.h for Windows CE and PocketPC)
(files for Windows 9x, NT and Windows2000 version)
Install.nt Makefile.bcc Makefile.gcc Makefile.msc console.rc
defaults.nh mapimail.c nethack.def nh340key.c nhdefkey.c
nhico.uu nhraykey.c nhsetup.bat ntsound.c nttty.c
porthelp win32api.h winnt.c
(files for all versions)
dgn_main.c dlb_main.c lev_main.c makedefs.c panic.c
(lex/yacc input for special level and dungeon compilers)
dgn_comp.l dgn_comp.y lev_comp.l lev_comp.y
(files for the Qt widget library - X11, Windows, Mac OS X, or Qtopia)
Info.plist Install.Qt knethack.lnk knh-mini.xpm knh.xpm
nhicns.uu nhsplash.xpm qt_clust.cpp qt_win.cpp qttableview.cpp
tileedit.cpp tileedit.h qpe-nethack.control
(files for X versions)
Install.X11 Window.c dialogs.c ibm.bdf
nethack.rc nh10.bdf nh32icon nh56icon nh72icon
nh_icon.xpm pet_mark.xbm rip.xpm tile2x11.c winX.c
winmap.c winmenu.c winmesg.c winmisc.c winstat.c
wintext.c winval.c
(files for GEM versions)
Install.gem bitmfile.c gem_rsc.uu gem_rso.uu gr_rect.c
gr_rect.h load_img.c tile2img.c title.uu wingem.c
wingem1.c xpm2img.c
(files for GNOME versions)
README gn_xpms.h gnaskstr.c gnaskstr.h gnbind.c
gnbind.h gnglyph.c gnglyph.h gnmain.c gnmain.h
gnmap.c gnmap.h gnmenu.c gnmenu.h gnmesg.c
gnmesg.h gnomeprv.h gnopts.c gnopts.h gnplayer.c
gnplayer.h gnsignal.c gnsignal.h gnstatus.c gnstatus.h
gntext.c gntext.h gnworn.c gnworn.h gnyesno.c
gnyesno.h mapbg.xpm
(files for versions using optional tiles)
gifread.c monsters.txt objects.txt other.txt ppmwrite.c
thintile.c tile.doc tile.h tile2bmp.c tilemap.c
(files for tty versions)
getline.c termcap.c topl.c wintty.c
(files for Windows 9x, NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP version)
dgncomp.dsp dgnstuff.dsp dgnstuff.mak dlb_main.dsp levcomp.dsp
levstuff.dsp levstuff.mak makedefs.dsp mhaskyn.c mhaskyn.h
mhdlg.c mhdlg.h mhfont.c mhfont.h mhinput.c
mhinput.h mhmain.c mhmain.h mhmap.c mhmap.h
mhmenu.c mhmenu.h mhmsg.h mhmsgwnd.c mhmsgwnd.h
mhrip.c mhrip.h mhsplash.c mhsplash.h mhstatus.c
mhstatus.h mhtext.c mhtext.h mnsel.uu mnselcnt.uu
mnunsel.uu mswproc.c nethack.dsw nethackw.dsp petmark.uu
recover.dsp resource.h rip.uu splash.uu tile2bmp.dsp
tilemap.dsp tiles.dsp tiles.mak uudecode.dsp winMS.h
winhack.c winhack.rc
This is a list of files produced by auxiliary programs. They can all be
regenerated from the files in the distribution.
(files generated by makedefs at playground creation time)
data dungeon.pdf options oracles quest.dat
(file generated by dgn_comp at playground creation time)
(files generated by lev_comp at playground creation time)
Arc-fila.lev Arc-filb.lev Arc-goal.lev Arc-loca.lev Arc-strt.lev
Bar-fila.lev Bar-filb.lev Bar-goal.lev Bar-loca.lev Bar-strt.lev
Cav-fila.lev Cav-filb.lev Cav-goal.lev Cav-loca.lev Cav-strt.lev
Hea-fila.lev Hea-filb.lev Hea-goal.lev Hea-loca.lev Hea-strt.lev
Kni-fila.lev Kni-filb.lev Kni-goal.lev Kni-loca.lev Kni-strt.lev
Mon-fila.lev Mon-filb.lev Mon-goal.lev Mon-loca.lev Mon-strt.lev
Pri-fila.lev Pri-filb.lev Pri-goal.lev Pri-loca.lev Pri-strt.lev
Ran-fila.lev Ran-filb.lev Ran-goal.lev Ran-loca.lev Ran-strt.lev
Rog-fila.lev Rog-filb.lev Rog-goal.lev Rog-loca.lev Rog-strt.lev
Sam-fila.lev Sam-filb.lev Sam-goal.lev Sam-loca.lev Sam-strt.lev
Tou-fila.lev Tou-filb.lev Tou-goal.lev Tou-loca.lev Tou-strt.lev
Val-fila.lev Val-filb.lev Val-goal.lev Val-loca.lev Val-strt.lev
Wiz-fila.lev Wiz-filb.lev Wiz-goal.lev Wiz-loca.lev Wiz-strt.lev
air.lev asmodeus.lev astral.lev baalz.lev bigrm-1.lev
bigrm-2.lev bigrm-3.lev bigrm-4.lev bigrm-5.lev castle.lev
earth.lev fakewiz1.lev fakewiz2.lev fire.lev juiblex.lev
knox.lev medusa-1.lev medusa-2.lev minefill.lev minend-1.lev
minend-2.lev minetn-1.lev minetn-2.lev oracle.lev orcus.lev
sanctum.lev soko1-1.lev soko1-2.lev soko2-1.lev soko2-2.lev
soko3-1.lev soko3-2.lev soko4-1.lev soko4-2.lev tower1.lev
tower2.lev tower3.lev valley.lev water.lev wizard1.lev
wizard2.lev wizard3.lev
(tile files optionally generated for X ports at playground creation time)
pet_mark.xbm rip.xpm x11tiles
(files generated for Qt interface on Mac OS X)
nethack.icns Info.plist
(files generated by makedefs at compile time)
date.h onames.h pm.h vis_tab.h
(files generated by makedefs at compile time)
monstr.c vis_tab.c
(file optionally generated by tilemap at compile time)
(files generated by 'moc' for Qt interface at compile time)
qt_kde0.moc qt_win.moc qttableview.moc
NOTE: If your binaries were compiled with the data librarian (DLB) option,
your playground will not contain all of the files listed here. All
of the files listed as being required for the playground must still
have been built by your compiler, but the DLB code will roll them up
into another file (or files).

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