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gmop3d是一款机械手臂(轴旋转运动)或工业机器人的运动仿真软件,他仅仅提供算法,不依赖任何第三方软件包,不依赖G代码,QT, boost, 是一个纯粹的C语言代码程序。 六轴机械手臂,第一版的算法 spread retract

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The gMOP3D version 0.0.1 software is a Manipulator or Industrial Robots 
MOtion Path 3D simulation and animation system base on gnu.
This software only do ari thmetic and calculating  the path.
It depends the OpenSCAD environment for simuation and animation of motion.

You can use it simulating X Y Z coordinate CNC with out G code. 
It maybe use to axle running one straight line, as this straight path
as the CNC linear motion system.

This is the first software of me, so it may have alots of mistakes of code
or others application problem, email to me:

Please reads OpenSCAD Manual at firstly.

There have two parts of model build.

First is build Manipulator(Industrial Robotic arm) axle rotate motion model.
This have writed in source code, you can changing datas in  gmp16.h.

Second, terminal path model.

The first version only support cube, cubic model, it support

1, translate, means cube path  model 's position.
2, rotate, cube can be rotate x, y, z, any orientation.
3, cube, size of a cubic model.

Builds model same like builds model in openSCAD, but because we needs 
re-calculating the surface of model, every point of surface, 
so you must enter the value again build the path model.

How to install?

./configure && make
sudo make install


Q1, If you running animation, but the openSCAD still not working, how to ?

A1: This software animation must use Automatic reload and compile.

Menu of below:
->Design->Automatic Relaod and Compile, keep this function be working.   

Thanks for svchem corp Mr.Song Furu greatly support for this project.

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