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Daniel Dai a3aa074 HIVE-21113: For HPL/SQL that contains boolean expression with NOT, inc…
Vihang Karajgaonkar a23aa7a Added docker exec path
Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu c84c218 Merging r1489797 through r1490612 into HIVE-4115
Brock Noland 07b0f97 HIVE-9356 - Fail to handle the case that a qfile contains a semicolon …
Ferdinand Xu 6b3e82d HIVE-11958: Merge branch 'master' into beeline-cli
Ashutosh Chauhan a192722 HIVE-3814 : Cannot drop partitions on table when using Oracle metastor…
Owen O'Malley 563a2dc HIVE-4990. ORC seeks fail with non-zero offset or column project (omalley)
Owen O'Malley de247be HIVE-5601: NPE in ORC's PPD when using select * from table with where
Sushanth Sowmyan ff80bdd Preparing for release 0.13.1 (updating release notes as of rc3)
Jesus Camacho Rodriguez da37451 HIVE-12344: Wrong types inferred for SemiJoin generation in CBO (Jesus…
John Sichi 7a7f004 Oops, fix typo in last move
John Sichi 7223d83 Oops, fix typo in last move
John Sichi 4649a3c Oops, fix typo in last move
John Sichi eefa540 Oops, fix typo in last move
John Sichi a6fc7bf Oops, fix typo in last move
Carl Steinbach 30e86ac HIVE-BUILD. Update README.txt for 0.7.1 release (cws)
Carl Steinbach f8a42aa HIVE-2571. eclipse template .classpath is broken (Robert Surówka via cws)
Carl Steinbach 260134d Set version to 0.8.1 (cws)
Ashutosh Chauhan 3194db8 HIVE-3789 : Patch 3648 causing the majority of unit tests to fail on b…
Chiran Ravani 7fecb6f HIVE-20756 : Disable SARG leaf creation for date column until ORC-135 …