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heyuxian authored 2018-03-19 22:10 . init project

JHipster Console

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This is the JHipster Console, based on the ELK Stack. It provides a default configuration to get started with logs and metrics monitoring with ELK as well as some nice dashboards.

Please refer to the JHipster Monitoring Documentation for instructions on how to set up the JHipster Console.

Quick Start

Start everything by running docker-compose up -d in the bootstrap/ directory, then access Kibana at localhost:5601 and Zipkin at localhost:9411.


PRs are welcome ! When contributing, make sure you force build and restart everything with docker-compose down && docker-compose build --no-cache && docker-compose up.

Images hosted on Docker Hub

  • jhipster/jhipster-console Automated build Docker Pulls
  • jhipster/jhipster-elasticsearch Automated build Docker Pulls
  • jhipster/jhipster-logstash Automated build Docker Pulls
  • jhipster/jhipster-zipkin Automated build Docker Pulls
  • jhipster/jhipster-alerter Automated build Docker Pulls
  • jhipster/jhipster-curator Automated build Docker Pulls
  • jhipster/jhipster-import-dashboards Automated build Docker Pulls

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