Updated Information
default branch
sunlin abe4ae7 Update version to 7.0.3
Jiaqiang Xu b9dc96e Merge pull request #1717 from haiwen/deb-qt5
Jonathan Xu d81e7aa Force delete all files when deleting a folder recurively.
Chilledheart c739145 update to datadupe 4.0.6
Jonathan Xu e34490f [win] Don't add expire CA certificates to pem file.
yejianguo d732b8c fix ccnet api comment
Jonathan Xu cb6626e Fix .eml file cannot be deleted problem.
xiez 9994ad9 [scripts] Fix default datetime issue in 6.0
ly1217 cb9d6bc Fix the bug that the client can't upload when resync the repo after sy…
ly1217 0e15929 Only net error retry in clone process.
ly1217 dff5399 Delete the declaration of inet_ntop and inet_pton because these functi…
ly1217 17025e2 Fix the run error when create a new library on server by seaf-cli.
ly1217 c0a03e2 Fix the error that duplicate case value in switch.
lins05 b5df62e customization for horizonbase
lins05 5c9ed5f customization for horizonbase
Jiaqiang Xu 4dc8af1 [client] Improve auto-locking of office files.
Jiaqiang Xu 04bc254 [server] Check input path utf-8 encoding and normalize them to NFC.
Jiaqiang Xu d14b4f6 Improved file checkout procedure.
lins05 3649afb Use SEAFILE_CLIENT_VERSION instead of PACKAGE_VERSION when possible.
Jiaqiang Xu 7336b51 [win] Load intermediate CAs from system store.