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腾讯蓝鲸智云 / bk-PaaSPython

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Community Edition

The BlueKing PaaS is an open development platform that allows developers to create, develop, deploy and manage SaaS applications quickly and easily.

This open source project is the BlueKing PaaS Community Edition,It provides framework, API Gateway, scheduling engine, common components, etc. Helping developers to build SaaS Application(support tools and operating systems) quickly, cost-effectively and effortlessly . It provides a complete automation and self-service for a SaaS application from creation, deployment, maintenance and management. allowing developers to focus on the logical development of SaaS applications.

The BlueKing PaaS Community Edition contains:

  • PaaS(paas-ce/paas): include 4 web projects(python [Django])
    • login: Unified Login Service
    • paas: Developer Center & Workbench
    • esb: API Gateway
    • appengine: Application Engine
  • PaaSAgent(paas-ce/paasagent): Application Engine Agent(golang [labstack/echo])



  • Developer Center: Provide self-service, automated services to support fast, low-cost, free-operation of SaaS applications
  • Unified Login Service: user and role management, support docking enterprise internal login system(document
  • Framework: a SaaS application framework to make the development more efficient
  • API Gateway: support docking the system API via online self-service access or component code access
  • Multi-environment support: allowing developers to test and release SaaS application in different environment
  • BlueKing S-mart application support: deploy S-mart application via file upload more S-mart Application


Getting started



BlueKing Community

  • BK-CI:a continuous integration and continuous delivery system that can easily present your R & D process to you.
  • BK-BCS:a basic container service platform which provides orchestration and management for micro-service business.
  • BK-BCS-SaaS:a SaaS provides users with highly scalable, flexible and easy-to-use container products and services.
  • BK-PaaS:an development platform that allows developers to create, develop, deploy and manage SaaS applications easily and quickly.
  • BK-SOPS:an lightweight scheduling SaaS for task flow scheduling and execution through a visual graphical interface.
  • BK-CMDB:an enterprise-level configuration management platform for assets and applications.


If you have good ideas or suggestions, please let us know by Issues or Pull Requests and contribute to the Blue Whale Open Source Community. For bk-PaaS branch management, issues, and pr specifications, read the CONTRIBUTING(In Chinese)

If you are interested in contributing, check out the [], also join our Tencent OpenSource Plan.


bk-PaaS is based on the MIT protocol. Please refer to LICENSE

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