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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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Simplified Chinese version:

What's this?

An autohotkey's script which makes your capslock more powerful by mapping other keys which are far from alphanumeric keys.


Single keys, which can't be combined with other chords

  • Capslock : ESC
  • shift+Capslock : Capslock
  • Capslock+o : open a new line but don't break this line into two line on the cursor

Multiple keys, which can be combined with other chords

Keys listed below can be combined with other chords such as Ctrl Alt or Shift
For example:
Capslock+a is mapped to HOME. Meanwhile, Capslock+Shift+a will send Shift+Home.
Attention: Shift must be pressed AFTER Capslock, or it will send Capslock immediately as defined above.
  • Capslock+h/j/k/l : Left/Down/Up/Right arrow
  • Cpaslock+u : backspace
  • Capslock+d : DEL
  • Capslock+a : HOME
  • Capslock+e : END
  • Capslock+1...9 0 - = : F1-F12

Killing feature

Number line lock -- for programmers

When you press Capslock+TAB, it will enter the mark state. Then when you press the number keys above the alphanumeric keys, it will enter the marks on the button rather than the numbers itself, just like press shift+numbers in normal. If you want to enter numbers, press shift+numbers button instead. Press Capslock+TAB again will exit mark state.

We also have two icons which show the state of it. It will replace the tray icon of the autohotkey.

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一个autohotkey脚本,用来将方向键、home、end键等离主键盘区太远的按键映射成由大写锁定键修饰的组合键。适合在60%键盘上使用。 github地址 spread retract


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