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DDBuy is an open source mobile e-commerce project,it's build on vue 2.x and vant 2.x.Use the latest Vue series technology and some excellent open source libraries,suce as better-scrollmoment.jstwix.jspubsub-js,background data is built through Easy-Mock. I believe that this project can help you no matter what stage.

If you find any problems,please commit issue.

Release Note

Author: Geek-James

I will often share some technical knowledge and hope to learn and improve together,you can add my Wechat:szfter or add my WeChat Public Number:前端甜甜圈

Preamble Preparation

If you are new Vue engineer,highly recommended that you read Vue Offical Documents,If you already grasp Vue,so I strongly recommend that you code follow Vue Code Style Guide.

You need to install node and git locally.This project base on ES2015+vuevuexvue-routervue-cliaxios and vant-ui,all of request data is base on Easy Mock,learning and understanding this knowledge in advance will help you a lot.

At the same time,a series of basic tutorial articles of Vue are provided.

Later,the whole project will be divided into several technical points and shared.

Welcome find bug and if you have new ideas and suggestions,glad to you commit issue and pull request.

Project Image

Project Struction Tree




How to run

# clone project to local
git clone

# go to project catalog
cd ddbuy

# install node package
npm install

# run serve
npm run serve

Browser access http://localhost:8080


# Build production environment
npm run build

Online Browser preview

Please adjust the browser to mobile mode

Mobile scanning Preview

Browsers support

Modern browsers and Internet Explorer 10+.

IE / EdgeIE / Edge FirefoxFirefox ChromeChrome SafariSafari
IE10, IE11, Edge last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions


This project is a high immitation project,only for technical exchange and learning,not official App,commercial use not recommended,the legal liability for infringement of all works arising is irrelevant to the author.



Copyright (c) 2019 Geek-James

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ddBuy 高仿移动端开源电商项目(Vue+VantUI) ,后端基于mallplus多商户商城,springboot2 mybatis-plus,redis mysql vue spread retract


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