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Pika是一个可持久化的大容量redis存储服务,兼容string、hash、list、zset、set的绝大接口 spread retract

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Pika is a persistent huge storage service , compatible with the vast majority of redis interfaces (details), including string, hash, list, zset, set and management interfaces. With the huge amount of data stored, redis may suffer for a capacity bottleneck, and pika was born for solving it. Except huge storage capacity, pika also support master-slave mode by slaveof command, including full and partial synchronization. You can alse use pika in twemproxy or codis(pika has supported data migration in codis,thanks left2right) for distributed Redis solution


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Ffan Meituan XESHX





  • huge storage capacity
  • compatible with redis interface, you can migrate to pika easily
  • support master-slave mode (slaveof)
  • various management interfaces

Quickstart and Try

You can try to use our pre-build binary versions. For now, only Centos5 and Centos6 are supported. The binary ones can be found at the release page which are called pikaX.Y.Z_centosK_bin.tar.gz.

# 1. unzip file
tar zxf pikaX.Y.Z_centosK_bin.tar.gz
# 2. change working directory to output
#   note: we should in this directory, caz the RPATH is ./lib;
cd output
# 3. run pika:
./bin/pika -c conf/pika.conf

For developer


  • optimize engine nemo to improve list performance


  • snappy - a library for fast data compression
  • zlib - a library for fast data compression
  • bzips - a library for fast data compression
  • protobuf - google protobuf library
  • glog - google log library

Upgrade your gcc to version at least 4.8 to get C++11 support.

Supported platforms

  • linux - Centos 5&6

  • linux - Ubuntu

If it comes to some missing libs, install them according to the prompts and retry it.


Upgrade your gcc to version at least 4.8 to get C++11 support.

Get source code recursive, then pika will pull all submodules

git clone --recursive

Then compile pika

make __REL=1


./output/bin/pika -c ./conf/pika.conf

If failed, move pika source/lib/_VERSION/lib/ to the rpath defined in Makefile and relanch.


The PIKA_SOURCE stands for pika source code's root directory;
The __VERSION represents the OS's version, such as 6.2, 5.4...
The RPATH is defined in pika's Makefile


test environment

2 same hardware server, one for running pika, the other for running redis-benchmark

CPU: 24 Cores, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v2 @ 2.60GHz
MEM: 165157944 kB
OS: CentOS release 6.2 (Final)
NETWORK CARD: Intel Corporation I350 Gigabit Network Connection

test interfaces

Set, Get

test method

run pika with 16 work threads, run redis-benchmark on another server as follow: 
./redis-benchmark -h ... -p ... -n 1000000000 -t set,get -r 10000000000 -c 120 -d 200
execute 1 billion Set and 1 billion Get commands altogether

test result

1000000000 requests completed in 11890.80 seconds
18.09% <= 1 milliseconds
93.32% <= 2 milliseconds
99.71% <= 3 milliseconds
99.86% <= 4 milliseconds
99.92% <= 5 milliseconds
99.94% <= 6 milliseconds
99.96% <= 7 milliseconds
99.97% <= 8 milliseconds
99.97% <= 9 milliseconds
99.98% <= 10 milliseconds
99.98% <= 11 milliseconds
99.99% <= 12 milliseconds
100.00% <= 19 milliseconds
100.00% <= 137 milliseconds

84098.66 requests per second
1000000000 requests completed in 9063.05 seconds
84.97% <= 1 milliseconds
99.76% <= 2 milliseconds
99.99% <= 3 milliseconds
100.00% <= 4 milliseconds
100.00% <= 33 milliseconds

110338.10 requests per second

pika vs ssdb (Detail)

1 10

pika vs redis



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Contact Us


QQ group: 294254078 For more information about Pika, Atlas and some other technology please pay attention to our Hulk platform official account


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