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zhujiashun authored 2017-11-10 13:08 . polish en/

If your program only uses client in brpc or doesn't use brpc at all, but you also want to use built-in services in brpc. The thing you should do is to start an empty server, which is called dummy server.

client in brpc is used

Create a file named dummy_server.port which contains a port number(such as 8888) in the running directory of program, a dummy server would be started at this port. All of the bvar in the same process can be seen by visiting its built-in service. img img


brpc is not used at all

You must manually add the dummy server. First read Getting Started to learn how to download and compile brpc, and then add the following code snippet at the program entry:

#include <brpc/server.h>
int main() {

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